Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury

Guilty Convictions in Salmonella Trial May Signify Landmark in Criminal Food-Safety Prosecutions

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal Holds Abating a Premature Bad Faith Claim does not Depart from the Essential Requirements of Law

Causation Experts Properly Excluded Where The “Leap From Data To Opinion Was Too Great”

Discipline as Defamation: Title IX, Disciplinary Panels, and The Risks of Righteousness in The Wake of Wells V. Xavier and Harris V. St. Joseph’s

Indalex: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects Insurer’s Request for Review

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Pick me! Lawyers tell SCOTUS why their gay-marriage cases are cert-worthy

Justice Kagan performs same-sex wedding, following in the footsteps of Ginsburg and O’Connor

Clearly, justices don’t observe ban on the word ‘clearly’

Judge Kopf: I would uphold the death penalty for an innocent man rather than play games with the law